Telstra addresses widespread outage of iMessage and FaceTime services in Australia

Telstra is one of the largest mobile carriers in Australia and it was experiencing a widespread outage of iMessage and FaceTime services this week, which it now claims to have resolved.

Telstra responded to the issue by saying:

Earlier today some customers experienced a disruption to Apple iMessage and FaceTime services. We worked with Apple to resolve this issue. Services are now being progressively being restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.”

The strangest part is that the issues only appeared to affect Apple devices. Affected users were left in the dark, claiming they have been experiencing the problems for hours, with no word from Telstra addressing the issue or stating when it would be fixed.

Finally, the company addressed the issue on Twitter and they explained to users how they can send SMS messages:

“Our team are working to fix an issue with Apple iMessage and Facetime for some customers. You can continue to send and receive SMS messages. We’ll provide an update ASAP.

If you press and hold on the message that is stuck sending, you can choose to send it as a text message immediately. If you hit “more” you can highlight the message and delete it too.”

They even attached a video demonstrating how to do so. It is still unclear exactly what caused this issue and why only Apple users were affected. The issue was clearly widespread and affected a number of users across the country. Apple did not comment on the issue, suggested it was entirely Telstra who were at fault.

Let us know if you were affected and how you felt the company dealt with the issue.

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