Tesco Offers 500 Reward Points for Use of PayQwiq App in UK

Tesco Offers 500 Reward Points for Use of PayQwiq App in UK

In the United Kingdom, one of the country’s leading retail chains, Tesco, is offering shoppers a major incentive to use its PayQwiq app at checkout: an extra 100 reward points with each of their first five transactions.

The PayQwiq app, freely available for iPhone, works much like Apple’s Wallet app, with a few differences. For example, while users can register their payment cards in the app, they can also pay not via NFC, which Apple Pay uses, but instead by presenting an on-screen barcode to the checkout scanner – and only at Tesco stores.

One especially unique advantage of paying with PayQwiq is that, when a barcode is scanned in this manner, any reward points for which the buyer is eligible will be automatically added to their Clubcard, the discounts card that is available to Tesco shoppers in the UK.

The additional 100 Clubcard points that Tesco is offering for each of a user’s first five transactions made with PayQwiq will be available until January 15, 2017. To qualify, each transaction’s minimum spend must be £1, while the PayQwiq account must be kept open for at least the first 14 days. The extra points will then be included in a future Clubcard statement.

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