Tesla Android Offers CarPlay Solution for Tesla Owners In a breakthrough for Tesla owners, Polish developer Michał Gapiński has made a public version of "Tesla Android" available on Github, offering an Apple CarPlay workaround for Tesla vehicles.

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Initially launched in January 2022, Gapiński’s innovation enabled Apple CarPlay functionality in his Tesla Model 3 via Raspberry Pi. His commitment to enhancing the user experience is evident in the recent update.

As of October 5, 2023, Tesla Android has been refined, boasting the Compute Module 4 Bundle, a hardware set that facilitates CarPlay use without needing a Raspberry Pi setup. This new bundle features pre-assembled components, allowing for plug-and-play convenience. Performance enhancement is also central to the recent update, with reduced CPU usage and bug rectifications optimizing the system’s efficiency.

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Apple’s CarPlay, an infotainment solution, empowers iPhone users to access essential features like calling, texting, navigation, and music on their car’s integrated display, ensuring safety during drives. Major automobile giants, from BMW and Audi to Ford and Honda, have incorporated CarPlay support in over 600 vehicle models. However, Tesla remains an exception, having not exhibited any immediate plans to natively integrate CarPlay, even amid growing consumer demand. This has paved the way for third-party innovations like Gapiński’s.

The developer’s workaround involves no alterations to Tesla’s hardware. Instead, it harnesses a Raspberry Pi equipped with an LTE modem and a Wi-Fi access point. By connecting to the Raspberry Pi, the Tesla’s inbuilt browser displays the CarPlay interface on its 15-inch central touchscreen, providing a seamless experience, including the ability to manipulate apps through the car’s steering wheel controls.

The “Tesla Android” platform’s central goal revolves around usability, with Gapiński aiming for his project to gain traction within the Tesla community. He emphasizes delivering an intuitive user interface and enhancing system integration.

With Tesla cars not inherently supporting Android, CarPlay, or Android Auto, Tesla Android endeavors to transform the vehicle’s browser into a user-friendly Android tablet that functions even while driving.

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