Tesla Enhances Key Functionality with iPhone’s Ultra Wideband Technology Tesla has integrated iPhone's Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to enhance the performance of its Phone Key feature, offering more precise and responsive vehicle access.


Tesla has rolled out a significant update to improve the Phone Key feature for iPhone users by adopting Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology.

This advancement is detailed in Tesla’s latest software update, version 2024.2.3, highlighting that vehicles and iPhones can now communicate with unprecedented accuracy. The enhancement allows for more responsive locking, unlocking, and automatic door operations.

Tesla advises users to upgrade their Phone Key via the Tesla app, following simple steps to switch from Bluetooth to UWB connectivity. This upgrade necessitates an iPhone 11 or later model, equipped with UWB, alongside the latest Tesla app version 4.29.5 or higher.

The deployment of this feature is selective, currently available for the latest Model 3, 2023 Model X, and the Cybertruck, indicating these models are equipped with the necessary UWB technology. Despite the inclusion of UWB frequencies in the certificates of conformity for all refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles, these models do not yet have access to the upgraded Phone Key feature.

Additionally, this update is exclusively beneficial to iPhone users, as some Android devices equipped with UWB are not supported.

This update represents Tesla’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to enhance user experience, specifically catering to the significant number of iPhone users among Tesla owners.

Although this move does not extend to the integration of Apple’s Car Key feature in Apple Wallet, it still marks a notable improvement in convenience and security for vehicle access.

New Model 3 2024 | Tesla

Tesla’s adoption of UWB for Phone Key underscores the potential for further collaborations between automotive and smartphone technologies to improve functionality and user experiences.

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