Tesla introduces breakthrough Dojo processor


Tesla has shown off its new Dojo Supercomputer, which will replace its current supercomputer and technology.

Ganesh Venkataramanan, Senior Director for Autopilot Hardware, spoke at the event to share new details on Dojo, which encompasses a large compute plane, with extremely high bandwidth, and low latencies.

During the event, Tesla revealed it adopted a top to bottom approach to help scale performance, with the smallest entity being the training node to help address latency and bandwidth issues. The high-performance training node is capable of 1024 GFLOPS and 512 GB/s in each cardinal direction – truly incredible figures.

A computer that the company showed off offered 354 training nodes capable of 362 TFLOPs, whilst the firm’s D1 Chip is a machine learning machine capable that’s 362 TFLOPs and is designed completely in-house.

Tesla’s unique integration process was designed to preserve bandwidth, resulting in training tiles with 9 PFLOP.

Dojo Tech by Tesla | Vision Neural Net Hardware Autopilot

Dojo will be the fastest AI training computer in the world with four times the performance, 1.3X better performance/W and 5X smaller footprint compared to what exists, and the company is recruiting “heavily” to help speed up its artificial intelligence journey – with the talent to be deployed across the entire fleet. From cars to the Tesla Bot, which was also announced at the event, the future is bright for one of the world’s most innovative brands.

Tesla Model S Plaid Interior

Tesla says that Dojo will be operational next year, but admits that there are problems with scalability and distribution which need to be ironed out first. The firm says that the difficulty is how to keep the localities and that its primary ambition is to train vast avoids of video, reducing training time, and improving safety/performance.

AI Day | Tesla Bot | Humanoid Robot presented by Elon Musk and Tesla I team

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