Tesla introduces new solar panels and slashes prices to drive installations It's now cheaper than ever to invest in Tesla solar panels!

Tesla has introduced a new range of solar panels, slashing the price of its installations to drive more sales and increase its share of the energy market.

The company has made some major changes to its energy division in recent years, and now its solar business has been given another push in the right direction with more affordable pricing options for consumers.

After the company’s acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla has pivoted towards the consumer market and has launched a series of products designed to win over eco-conscious homeowners.

As well as launching a range of solar roof tiles, Tesla has also been working hard to drive more sales to its solar panel installations market, increasing its share of the industry in doing so.

Last year, the firm introduced a new subscription service which allowed homeowners to have a solar panel system installed.

The company also introduced price matching to better compete with other solar panel installers, and now it appears that the firm is cutting its prices and introducing powerful panels that will give customers better bang for their buck.

According to a report from Electrek, the company is slashing prices by around 20% and upping the power output by around 10%, thanks to the introduction of an improved panel.

In some cases, when federal discounts and incentives are added, those price cuts are even bigger than 20% on a per-watt basis, but this is dependent on state and panel configuration.

The chances should, however, make Tesla more competitive and allow consumers to consider them as a genuine alternative to the cheaper solar panel providers on the market.

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