It’s now possible for an Apple Watch to be used to move a Tesla Model S car in and out of a garage without anyone even being in the vehicle. It’s all thanks to not only Tesla’s own recently-introduced Summon feature, but also a fresh update to the popular Remote S for Tesla app.

The Summon feature was packaged with Tesla’s latest Autopilot update, v7.1. However, though Summon was already enabling Model S owners to remotely move their vehicles, it has since become not only available, but even improved, through the Apple Watch, thanks to developer Allen Wong.

Model S owner Mark Schey has demonstrated this extension of Summon in a new video, below. Also, while Summon typically requires the Tesla car with Autopilot hardware to be within 39 feet of its final parking spot, this limit does not apply when using Remote S. Even, as Wong has revealed, the key fob does not need to be near the vehicle, provided that the ‘Keyless Start’ button is pressed first.

The Remote S for Tesla app is available from the iOS App Store for $10.