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It’s About Thai-me: Thailand Finally Gets An Apple Store

A new landmark for Thailand…

It’s a country well-known for its scenic beaches and lively culture, and now Thailand is about to catch up with the rest of the world by way of an Apple store.  On Saturday, the techno giant will open its first Thai store, located effortlessly by the river right in the city. The building is a simple glass complex, obviously bearing the world-famous apple-shaped icon of the company and overlooks the River of the Kings, right in the heart of Bangkok, a city which hosts an incredible 20 million tourists each year. It joins a fleet of over 500 stores owned by Apple across the globe, each one a landmark in its own right. New York’s central Apple store on Fifth Avenue, also a glorious glass complex is as much a tourist attraction as the Empire State building, especially in the technology obsessed world we appear to be immersed in. Some would say that a trip to London is not complete without a quick dash round the Covent Garden branch of the trendy company we all know and sometimes love.

“Bangkok is a cultural and economic destination for the entire region and home to millions of passionate Apple customers,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail.

Hop on a boat to the Genius Bar…

Apple themselves are obviously looking forward to this grand opening. Given the sheer amount of Apple fanatics residing in Thailand, it seems bizarre that Apple is only just opening a branch there now, which with its refreshing open spaces and galleries, will also act as a place where visitors can not only shop for and try out their favorite overpriced products, but can also take in the views and immerse themselves in a culture of a city like no other.

So, if you’re a resident of Thailand – or indeed a drunken student backpacking their way through Bangkok with a broken iPhone, no need to worry.  Just hop on a boat, cover your mouth and make an appointment at the uniquely placed Genius Bar. In a move that could truly put the Thailand stamp on the Apple brand is the unusual – but totally appropriate – choice to run the famous Genius Bar from the luscious tree-lined rooftop terrace. There will be 100 employees on hand for the grand opening of the store, meaning that the opening will no doubt be as smooth and as grand as rightfully possible.

The Apple store in Bangkok opens Saturday 10th November at 10am (local time).

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