The best 5 iPhone apps for Minecraft in 2023


Minecraft is one of those games that has long since transcended just being a video game. You can get clothes and toys in nearly every market in the world. Lego has started producing some amazing sets, and we are even being treated to a Minecraft movie in the next few years! 

iPhones aren’t safe from the game influence either. Ever since its creation, app developers have been making great apps. We have prepared this list of the 5 best Minecraft-related iPhone apps you need to download in 2023.

Minecraft iPhone Edition

The top of this list, and the most obvious choice, is the official Minecraft app. Modern phones are a lot more powerful year after year. So much so that you can easily play the entirety of Minecraft on an iPhone.

The iPhone edition is running on Bedrock. This means you need a Microsoft account to join the different servers. The good news is that there are a lot of Minecraft servers that operate on the Bedrock version of the game. Bedrock also receives all the major updates when they arrive, so you aren’t going to be missing out on any Minecraft content.

Minecraft Encyclopedia

The Minecraft Wiki is one of the most useful tools for any Minecraft player. But it can be a bit of a hassle having to switch out of the Minecraft client and go to the Wiki every time you need to find something. Which is where the Minecraft Encyclopedia app comes into play.

The app is essentially the Minecraft Wiki but on your iPhone. It has everything you need from all the recipes to mob information. It is extremely user-friendly and has an active forum as well where you can ask questions and discuss the latest updates with other players. The app also has all the change logs from the various updates that have taken place over the years.

Minecraft Skin Creator PE

One of the great things about Minecraft is the ability to change the skin of your character to whatever you want. There are thousands upon thousands of different skins out there for you to choose from. You can be the main character from your favorite TV show or the villain from your favorite comic book. 

But sometimes you might not be able to find the exact skin you want. In those scenarios, you are better off making the skin yourself. Which is where the Skin Creator comes into play. The app works on iPhones and Macs. 

The app presents you with a blank canvas with all the sections of the skin clearly labeled so you know which part is the head, arms, and so on. It offers a huge number of useful tools such as an expansive color palette and layering.

MC Constructor

There is no greater pleasure in Minecraft than finishing off your latest massive project. It could be a huge castle or an expansive city. But these projects require a lot of work. And, more importantly, a lot of planning. Sure, you could just go in blind and start building. You might run into a spacing issue.

This is why MC Constructor is a must-have app for any budding Minecraft builders. The app is a planning tool. It allows you to create blueprints for your next big construction project with ease. You can make these blueprints as complex or as simple as you want. The app is extremely initiative and user-friendly. 

MC Constructor is also just a fun app to play around with. It lets you flex your creative muscles without having to sink as much construction time into a project. You can upload your blueprints and download blueprints made by other players. Which is a great way to find inspiration for your next project.

Maps for Minecraft PE

The mobile version of Minecraft was previously known as Pocket Edition. And while the mobile version has since been changed, the apps for it still work. Maps for Minecraft PE is one of the must-have apps for any player.

This app is essentially a database of hundreds of different maps and game modes. Here you will find modes like Skyblock, One Block, Prison, Bed Wars, and so much more. The app integrates seamlessly with the Minecraft mobile app. Meaning you can download maps with one click.

You can also upload any maps you create to the app for other players to enjoy. So if you want to show off the massive city you built using MC Constructor, this is the place to do it.

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