The best apps for your next trip to Vegas

Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas for the first time or the fiftieth, the more prepared you can be before you walk off the plane, the better. Vegas is a place unlike any other, and so having the right tools and preparations in hand will ensure you’re ready to explore the city in the best possible way and have the time of your life. To get you started, we’ve put together some iOS app recommendations – download these and your trip will go off without a hitch!


The chances are that you’ve only booked a couple of nights in Vegas – after all, it’s the perfect spot for a weekend break or a catch-up with friends. So rather than wasting your time walking the 6.8km strip, use Uber or Lyft and have a driver take you from A to B and arrive in style. Remember: in the summer months, Vegas temperatures can top 110 degrees, so taking a car with AC will serve as a welcome relief and stop you from getting too hot. Uber’s also handy for when you land – the fastest way to get from Las Vegas Airport (LAS) to MGM Grand Las Vegas is to take an Uber, and it’ll cost you anywhere from $15 to $25 – not bad!

Google Maps

It’s a common misconception that you can’t get lost on the Vegas Strip: trust us, you can! It’s wise to download Google Maps, or if you prefer, Apple Maps, so that you can work your way around the city and head to tourist attractions that are on your bucket list. Many people create their own itineraries that you can download from Google Maps if you want to make sure you can see and do everything you want – this one, for example, outlines some of the best spots for beers and food, like the Chicago Brewing Company, Freakin Frog, and Crown & Anchor Pub. Researching before you get there means you can maximize your fun time!


The chances are that you already have Safari on your phone, but it’s worth a mention nonetheless. Many restaurants and casinos now offer a “check-in” service where you can scan a QR code to gain access to facilities and booking portals, so it’s worth having a good browser on your phone. If you’re not feeling in the mood to visit the real casinos, or you want something to keep you ticking over when you’re at the airport waiting to arrive, you can even use your browser to enjoy sites like free 2 play casino, offering great online casino guides.


If you love to save a dime or two, then Groupon is your best friend. Las Vegas is one of the most tourist-focused places on earth, and because of that, businesses will do everything they can to entice you to spend money with them. Groupon is a great way to find coupons and earn discounts on your food, drink, and activities – you can score some serious deals if you look around. For example, you can enjoy a meal for two at Pampas Las Vegas for just $42 rather than $65, a Frozen Margarita in a Souvenir Margarita Cup for $24 rather than $40 at Tacos N’ Ritas, and save a whopping $150 on SunBuggys – with a free t-shirt, driving gloves, and a bandana to take home as a souvenir. Shop around and start planning your trip!


If you’re staying at an MGM Resorts complex, then the myVEGAS official mobile and Facebook game is definitely something to consider. This free app offers a number of slots and table games and allows you to earn rewards for your favorite destinations – from free hotel rooms to meals, show tickets, and more. It’s the world’s most popular casino app on the App Store and Play Store, and it’s clear to see why when you see the offers available! 

Whatever you’re getting up to when you head to Vegas, we hope you have an amazing time!

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