The best crypto apps on App Store

Crypto first entered the world in 2009, so it’s not new technology. However, the full potential of blockchain tech has only recently started to come to fruition and gain mainstream traction. Heightened consumer insight into blockchain tech has left people searching for the best apps to use. If this sounds familiar, we’re here to point you in the right direction with the following list of the best crypto apps on iOS. 


OKX was founded by Star Xu in 2017, and it has become one of the greatest exchanges and bitcoin wallets around. As well as being accessible online, it has applications for iOS and Android, making it extremely versatile. Whether you’re trading cryptocurrencies for fiat money or looking to invest in ETH projects, OKX is the perfect tool.


BlockFi is a fantastic platform for securing loans and leaving behind Bitcoin as collateral. When you store your Bitcoin on BlockFi, you earn interest that can be used to invest elsewhere. Your coins are relatively safe with BlockFi, but there’s always a risk when you’re leaving financial assets with third parties. To manage the risks, we recommend withdrawing Bitcoin every month to make sure you have custody of your coins.


Exodus burst onto the scene in 2015, around the same time as Ethereum. The primary goal of Exodus is to provide a highly secure hot wallet, where assets can be traded from the same platform. In case you don’t know what a hot wallet is, it’s a crypto wallet connected to the internet but with completely private keys. When it comes to the iPhone app, the UX is intuitive and it runs excellently. 

River Financial

River Financial takes a white-glove service approach to premium Bitcoin buyers – those with large sums of money to invest. Bitcoin is the only crypto supported by River Financial, which doesn’t make it sound that great alone. However, there’s an incredible team of customer service, operated by real humans, and it has excellent security features. 

Swan Bitcoin

We’ve included Swan Bitcoin even though it’s unavailable on the iOS App Store – you can use the web app instead. Like River Financial, Swan Bitcoin only supports Bitcoin, and it’s a perfect platform for beginners. Once you’ve gone through the simple setup, you will be guided on tactics for building Bitcoin revenue, including dollar-cost averaging. Whether you’re just starting with $1 or depositing $10 million, Swan Bitcoin supports all.


If you’re looking for a simple tool, Strike is the perfect app for you. Strike makes it easy to send and receive Bitcoin, and its integration with Twitter’s tipping service makes it unique. Using a virtual account and routing number, you can use Strike to get paid by your employer. Before your wages come in, you can tell Strike to split a percentage into Bitcoin and leave the rest in USD. 

Take Away

Apple releases some of the best smartphones on the market, so it makes sense that Web3 developers are including the App Store in their release cycles. If you’re looking for a place to start with crypto, explore the apps outlined above. 

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