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The virtual healthcare market is literally exploding, with growth projected to rise by as much as 11.8% between 2022-2030. From pressing medical concerns to scheduling a session with a therapist, a tap of a finger will be more than enough to access an app for every need.

Currently, there is an influx of digital health devices already in the market, and with a new healthcare app making a debut almost every day it is evident that this extensive penetration will become the nucleus of the health treatment industry in the years to come.

So how do you look for the proverbial needle in the haystack? To be of some assistance, go through the best healthcare apps of 2022 identified here, which offer ubiquitous access to products and services that will not only meet customer expectations but far exceed them.

Generis – genes and nutrition

This innovative healthcare app focuses on helping people improve their lives by understanding their genes. Powered by the individual’s DNA, Generis provides advice on food and nutrition, fitness recommendations, and much more through an aesthetic easy-to-use interface.

BetterHelp – online counseling

BetterHelp is considered the trailblazer of online therapy as it provides patients with quick and easy access to doctors and mental healthcare professionals through video chat and messaging. It is the largest therapy site in the world, and Betterhelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

A majority of BetterHelp users have said that they have felt more satisfied with the online therapy sessions than with any earlier experience with a doctor in a physical setting.

MySugr – tracking diabetes

The MySugr healthcare app lets the user keep track of their blood sugar, carbs, bolus, and HbA1C levels all in one glance. Said to have transformed the lives of many diabetic patients, MySugr works by logging their daily data to allow doctors to review it and take measures to better control type1 and type 2 diabetes. You can check this list for other recommended apps for people with Diabetes. – CBT

This online therapy app uses cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT for the treatment of a wide range of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, alcohol and drug abuse among others through yoga, meditation, and worksheets which give daily feedback from the therapist. However, unlike most apps that offer support 24×7, Online is available only for eight hours Monday through Friday.

Headspace – meditation

Anxiety and depression have skyrocketed since the pandemic and so have the meditation-based health apps, understandably so. Headspace teaches us how meditation is a time-tested tool to reduce the mental health burdens which are commonly associated with individuals in day-to-day life. The app guides the user to meditate by focusing on their specific needs, whether it is to enhance relaxation or soothing themselves to sleep.

HealthTap – best overall 

If you are concerned about general healthcare symptoms, the HealthTap app will provide all the answers to all your questions regarding doctors on almost every health-related issue under the sun. If by chance you are unable to find the answer to any specific question, you can post the same on the app and a doctor will give his opinion within 24 hours. You can also view lab results, manage prescriptions, and schedule appointments with healthcare providers.

Hello Heart – blood pressure

Most people find checking blood pressure a chore and not a fun activity. However, this Apple Watch app will allow you to continue with this leisurely style of life, but at the same time, it will monitor your vital signs directly from your wrist and keep track of your blood pressure and hypertension. This information, in turn, will help the primary care provider to do the needful when necessary. Apart from the blood pressure, this app keeps track of your activity and glucose levels as well.

Aaptiv – for exercises

Aaptiv is a fitness app that uses audio to help you achieve your fitness goals, with the help of some rollicking music to motivate you during a workout. In addition, a certified personal trainer calls out the instructions when you are stretching or working on the treadmill. You can even download all the images on your digital device and use them anywhere you want. The app not only tracks your progress but advises you on the workouts you should do to achieve your fitness goals.

Microsoft HealthVault – storing medical data

Keeping medical records updated and stored safely is an important part of healthcare. As the name suggests, the Microsoft HealthVault allows users to share the information with healthcare providers or other trusted people whenever required. This app can also be used for tracking blood pressure, blood sugar levels, or oxygen saturation. The required data can either be collected manually or downloaded from other medical devices or any other healthcare apps which you are using.

It is impossible to predict where healthcare apps will be five years from now, but one thing is certain patients will demand better care and greater transparency from their doctors and hospitals, which means technology will continue to play an important role in the healthcare industry.

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