The most entertaining apps to try in 2022

Bumble Dating app

It wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that a smartphone is an essential part of our daily life. We use it not just for communication but also for accessing information, organizing our schedules, and making a living. Various apps are created for different purposes to support this dependency on smartphones. One of the leading smartphone brands is Apple, with iOS devices using the App Store to download apps.

There are many apps out there making it possible to connect with people worldwide or even just to play online slots and table games, and new ones pop up every year. However, what are the best and most entertaining apps to try in 2022? 

We’ll be looking at various apps that you should have on your iOS smartphone and why.

Social Media Apps

When talking about iOS apps, there are a few staples we need to mention. This includes popular social media platforms that not only make it easier to connect with friends, family, and other people but can even become your job. Social media platforms are also used for marketing, with apps like Instagram and Facebook the perfect platforms to advertise your business. Facebook also has a sub-app called Messenger, an easy way to connect with others privately or professionally.

TikTok and YouTube are other two apps that can help you boost your online presence, even becoming a full-time job for some people. TikTok can provide an extra content channel for YouTubers or brand ambassadors and is also the perfect fun platform to post your TikToks or relax watching people mess around.

Twitter is another social media platform app widely used to make public statements and little comments from any random John Doe to influential public figures.

iOS Games

When it comes to iOS games, the market has grown a lot in the last few years, with game graphics and app games bettering in quality. Xbox and PlayStation both have apps players can use to browse their games and offerings. Live streaming of games uses apps like Twitch to provide high-quality streaming and allows players to interact with their viewers.

Some of the most popular games are Genshin Impact, an RPG game that shows mobile gaming won’t lose out anytime soon. Candy Crush is an age-old classic that never loses out, and Among Us is a fun multiplayer game where you and your friends can have a blast.

Music and Sound

Spotify is one of the most famous music apps, even with contenders like YouTube Music or Amazon Music on the scene. It can be used for free or by creating a premium account for a monthly fee. Either way, it’s one of the best ways to listen to music.

Downcast is an excellent app if you love listening to Podcasts. You can customize the user interface to best fit you and even turn on geo-location services so it checks for updates at specific locations.

Spotify iOS app


One of the highlights of photo editing is Photoleap. It’s specifically designed to use the CPU and GPU of Apple devices to deliver incredible graphics and photo editing options. You can use different filters and special effects to create amazing images.


Of the many dating apps out there, Bumble is one of the favorites to use for women, as it encourages women to make a decisive choice. Men can match a woman, but it’s up to the woman to decide whether to match or contact the man. 

Other classic dating apps are Hinge and Tinder, both on the scene for longer and aiming to connect people with others that have similar interests. ‘HER’ and ‘Grindr’ are massively popular dating apps specifically for LGBTQ.

Tracking Apps

If you have a significant presence on social media, using an app like Social Stat Widget allows you to keep track of your online presence. Using your social media handles, the app shows your current followers on your home screen and updates them every fifteen minutes. It’s perfect if you’re trying to grow your following.

Strava is another app that has seen a rise. It’s a fitness app that tracks your progress, but it also has a social element that keeps people coming back. It allows friends and other people to see your activity and offer kudos. Not only that, but you can log activities together or see the best trails to follow.

There are thousands of iOS apps available, and ultimately, the best and most entertaining apps are the ones you end up using the most. There’s no correct answer to what the best app is, but we suggest starting with the above ones first.

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