The Best iPad Stand You Can’t Buy Yet

There is a new iPad stand looking for support over at that blows anything you have seen before out of the water. This quality stand named the HumanToolz iPad stand is made from the same high quality aluminum alloy that is used in the production of space shuttles and automobiles.

The high quality materials used in production of the stand isn’t the only thing that makes it top notch. Along with giving users the ability to stand their iPad in any angle, it also offers immense protection. We all try hard to keep our iPad’s in great condition; this stand is your best ally in this goal. Each corner is supported with aluminum alloy offering protection from every day use. HumanToolz also wants to protect your iPad from its stand by fitting all four corners with silicon to ensure a perfect fit.

Endless viewing angles. By using the same precision hinge technology found in MacBook Air® notebooks, the integrated kickstand supports any desired viewing angle in smooth and precise fashion, time after time. Support for any angle allows people of all heights to gain an optimal, comfortable view of their iPad while seated or standing and regardless of the distance to the iPad.”


Want a stand that supports landscape and portrait viewing? Well this stand has it covered! And it’s even compatible with the Apple Smart Cover to offer 360 degrees of protection.

“The HumanToolz Mobile Stand is ultra lightweight at 0.15 pounds (or 2.5 ounces) – that’s about 50% less than the weight of the Smart Cover and up to 90% less than alternative cases!  The stand is as thin as 0.06 inches (or 0.15 cm) at each corner and 0.21 inches (or 0.54 cm) at the hinge.”

If the goal of $80,000 in pledges is reached, this stand will be available for the iPad 3 only. If the stand is successful, HumanToolz promises an iPad 2 sister product.

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