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iPhone apps are like a part of you. Life is there, from watching TV apps to the browser where you find interesting things from the whole world. We have collected the most useful applications and games that there is a reason to install on your device to make life easier. We hope you find this useful!

Apps for Work & Organization

Trello is an app for organizing work. A very useful thing both for office management and for yourself. Helps to set tasks, plan deadlines, and so on. For fun, you can create a family board and add different plans to it;

Spark – popular app for automatic email organization, very user-friendly and easy, with a nice ability to sort emails via smart box. Minimizing and attaching files just like on a desktop;

Canva is an app for creating presentations, interesting stories, quirky postcards, and more. It will be useful for those who want to be creative;

AirBeamTV is a screen mirroring app that will allow you to easily cast your apple device to any smart tv without cables or external hardware. Download to cast your iPhone, Mac, or iPad to the big screen;

Bear – very useful notes app. Simple and nice design, not overfilled with unnecessary functions for writing notes. Support sync via iCloud;

Dogo is a dog training app. A very cool and useful thing if you want to teach your pet new tricks;

Planner 5D – will be useful for those who are building their own house or want to slightly change the layout of the house. There are paid and free items, many different settings, and options for viewing the plan;

Sketch AR is an application that will allow you to learn how to draw using augmented reality. Widgetsmith is an application for designing the iOS 14 home screen. It will help you create unusual widgets, add photos to your desktop, calendar and time;

Night Sky is an application for tracking stars, comets, and other celestial bodies. Allows you to add events like eclipse or Starfall to your calendar;


Photo/video Processing Applications

If you want to visit Australia – the best place for pictures and photographs, where online casinos are currently banned, but you love playing games like National Casino Australia, you can enjoy it online. Your photos will be great after processing in this app:

Tezza is a photo editing application similar to the popular VSCO. There are free and paid filters, the best prices, and HSL settings;

Fyuse is an application for creating and processing 3D photos, which can then be shared with friends. One of my favorite applications, the most adequate of those that I have used with a similar effect;

Feed Preview and Garny are Instagram feed scheduling apps. Both are free and easy to use;


Oddly enough, in our editorial office, there were very few fans to play games, but nevertheless, we have collected a selection of suitable toys on the iPhone for you. 

MovieFan is a game for fans of movies and TV series. The trick is that you need to build a cinema. But you can only build it if you participate in a kind of quiz based on films / TV series. There are annoying ads, but overall the game is very cool;

BlockuDoku is a classic game for those who are often bored. Similar to vintage Tetris, you need to collect cubes in a row to pump your progress;

Stack AR is also a very simple game in which you have to stack blocks on top of one another until you have a whole tower. For the points received, you can unlock new effects and backgrounds;

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