The iPad Mini Could Own the 7″ Tablet Market

While we the consumer await the official announcement of the iPad Mini and release date, its competitors are anticipating its release for other reasons. This week analyst Rhoda Alexander of IHS iSuppli made some great points on how the iPad Mini very well could dominate its competition.

The answer comes down to whether Apple wants to “crush the opposition” or just maintain dominance, said Rhoda Alexander. “And the price point would be how they do that,” she said.

If Apple sets a $299 price tag it “would sit in a more comfortable place as far as a profit.” Alexander believes Apple could go as low as $249 for an entry level model.

For the customer with a bigger wallet, a $349 model which should include 4G LTE, is in the works.

In a last ditch effort to prepare for the storm, Google is spending major marketing dollars on their $199 Nexus 7 Tablet. The search engine giant is trying to sell as many tablets before the iPad Mini arrives. There has even been an add for the Nexus on Google’s search page. These are dollars well-spent on a domestic front, but analysts think the 7″ iPad will be more popular overseas. The current Nexus tablet is WiFi only, while in markets like Asia, 3G is a necessity. “In contrast, a smaller, cheaper iPad with 3G/4G capability in Asia would be an extremely attractive product,” says Alexander.

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