The key reasons why your next phone should be an iPhone

iPhone 12 lineup | Colors
iPhone 12 lineup | Colors

If you talk to someone who owns Apple products, it might start to sound to you before very long like they’re in a cult. They might rave about their iPhone or iPad or whatever else they have. They may have several of these products.

Of course, despite dominating the market, you don’t have to buy or use Apple items. There are all kinds of alternatives if you’re shopping for a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, and so forth. The thing is, though, if you do try an Apple product, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to think so much of it that you’re going to become a convert.

We’ll look at one of Apple’s products right now, the iPhone. There are a ton of generations, and a new one comes out every two years or so. If you’re thinking that it’s about time for a new smartphone, here are some top reasons why going over to an iPhone makes a lot of sense.

The security features are excellent

Your online security matters. That applies not just to smartphones but also laptops, tablets, and any other device you use to connect to the internet.

There are also all kinds of security measures that you can take to protect yourself online. Some digital workspaces have gone to a zero-trust security model, for instance. This is a layered security protocol that can keep anyone unauthorized from accessing your sensitive workplace data.

With smartphones, your security measures should be just as robust, and it’s hard to beat the iPhone in this area. There is virtually no antivirus software you can get for an iPhone, and that’s because you’ll never need it.

The reason why the iPhone’s security is so good is that it is a closed system. The company does not release the source code to any app developers, so iPhone owners can’t modify the phone’s code, short of jailbreaking it. This is beneficial to you since you get the phone right off the assembly line with nearly unbeatable security measures built into it.

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The Apple ecosystem works remarkably well

Another top reason why you might want an iPhone is because of how well all of your Apple products can work together. The iPhone and all other Apple products can communicate and swap information quickly and with minimal difficulty, even if you are not a very tech-savvy person.

You never need to install or download separate apps if you want to link up all your devices. You can find instructions online, or they come with the iPhone. You can share your memos, notes, photos, emails, calendar, and so forth between all Apple products at any time, and everything is safe in the cloud, which backs it up automatically.

Since the apps, devices, users, and manufacturers are all part of the same closed ecosystem, there is no confusion when you’re trying to accomplish many different tasks. The situation isn’t remotely like that if you have an Android.

Apple vets the apps

Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

Some smartphone users use an “apps first” approach when they shop or buy. In other words, they’ll get a phone purely because of the apps that it either comes with or that they can download and utilize on that smartphone.

Apple vets all of the apps that it makes available on their iPhone models very carefully. They won’t allow any apps to make it into the App Store unless they have tested them thoroughly to ensure there are no fatal bugs that can crash your system.

Again, Android does not follow this protocol. They might vet the apps you can use on your Android, but not so thoroughly. It’s a lot more likely that you’re going to get a buggy app with poor UX if you use an Android.

The Apple Pay feature

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web using Safari.

The Apple Pay feature that has been around now for a couple of years might also be a primary reason why you’d want to switch over to an iPhone if you have not done so yet. Apple Pay is quite easy for you to set up and use. Once you’ve figured it out, you might find yourself using it many times every day.

All you must do is hold or place your phone near an applicable card reader, and you pay for the item like magic. Not long ago, there were not that many card readers that accepted Apple Pay, but it has caught on now to the point where you can use this feature in almost any store.

Google Pay also exists, but you will not find it in as many places. Some countries don’t have it at all, but you can often use Apple Pay if you are traveling internationally.

The Family Sharing opportunities

Family Sharing lets you and up to five other family members share access to amazing Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and more.

You might also like the iPhone as an option if you have a large family that wants to share videos, photos, messages, and more throughout the day. Staying in touch is easy if you all have iPhones and they’re linked to each other.

You can keep track of what your kids are doing if you have an iPhone and they have them as well. Up to six family members can share film or app purchases, photo albums, music playlists, fitness challenges, and more.

You don’t have to fret about your children downloading inappropriate apps from the App Store, either. Like TV parental controls, you can see what your kids are downloading and step in if you feel they’re using apps for which they are too young or immature.

You can utilize the Find My Friends feature to keep track of your kids if you all have iPhones and they are school-aged. You can make sure they’re attending their classes and not going on any unauthorized field trips off school property.

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Once you have an iPhone for the first time, you will likely want to stick with the company from that point onward. It’s no accident that the iPhone has come to dominate the smartphone market.

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