The Mix of Form, Function, and Fashion

Have you noticed that our newest fashion accessory is our mobile phones, most notably our iPhones? It's an interesting trend, and one entrepreneur has picked up on the trend and has released a whole line of products to support it.

The following is a few excerpts of the article that will appear in tomorrow's issue of TechLife News in the iOS Newsstand and AppleMagazine digital magazine at Zinio.

“We are using iPhones throughout the day. People can be seen on street corners texting or calling or looking for answers on their cell phones. Others are pulling them out in the middle of meetings to text their spouse back about dinner that night. In the middle of a store a ringtone can be heard, and five people are checking their phones to see if it was theirs. I know every device my family and friends have, because I see them all the time. If mobile devices are becoming what we're known for, they better look good.

However, we still need to keep iPhones and iPads safe so that they can retain the form and function. They are open to far too many elements from falling, dropping, getting spilled on, etc. Because of that, having a great cover or case is very much a necessity. The problem I had with my first few iPhones was that the cases I used were only form and function. They weren't that great to look at and hid the beauty of the iPhone …

… Heidi Yu is a Seattle-area entrepreneur capitalizing on this new trend of technology meeting fashion. I own one piece from her Pocomaru line, the Pocowool clutch. Not only is it very fashionable, it's also very functional. I rarely go anywhere without it. It's just such an easy thing to pick up and go, holding my iPhone, driver's license, VISA, and my keys. It's what we gals refer to as “the essentials.”

The Pocowool is adding to its line. They're now releasing an iPad cover that matches the clutch. Our mobile devices have become such fashion accessories that it is now possible to have matching covers between them. Of course, I'm going to have to get my hands on one of these iPad covers now too. And just like the clutch, the Pocowool iPad cover looks to be as functional as it is attractive. It's currently showcased on Kickstarter, looking for funding to begin production.

Read more of this article, which also includes an exclusive interview with Heidi Yu, in this week's AppleMagazine and TechLife News on sale tomorrow.


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