The most popular adventure games of 2021

The Walking Dead

2021 is already a good year for mobile gaming, and today we’ll be talking about five of the most popular adventure games of the year for iOS users! Gaming on iPhones has always been a lot of fun, and we deeply recommend connecting a gamepad to your iOS device as well for a much better and more comfortable experience.

There are so many exciting games for iOS devices, and an entire life won’t be enough for you to try them all. That’s why trying only the titles from our list is a better idea than going for all those hundreds of thousands of games, as our selection represents the elite of adventure games for iOS devices:

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is available for a long list of platforms, and we’re glad to have it available for iPhones. The game is based on the comic book series of the same name by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard.

The players of The Walking Dead will have to assume the role of Lee Everett, who is a professor of history working at the University of Georgia. He is also a convicted killer who embarks on a quest for survival along with a girl named Clementine. They’ll have to go through a hostile world that’s teeming with zombies and other major threats.


If you’re interested in side-scrolling 2D platform adventure games, this is the title you should choose. You’ll never get bored while playing this game, as there are over one hundred different endings. Every decision of the player can lead to a different ending. Reventure is also loaded with dozens of unlockable stuff! 

Besides the iOS devices, Reventure also offers support for other platforms such as Android, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. The game was released by the Spanish studio Pixelatto, and it’s an expanded re-imagining of the Ludun Dare game submission known as Lonk’s Greedy Adventure, meaning also a project by Pixelatto. Such 2D adventure games can be also played online on your browser through Two Player Games, AGame, and similar browser game platforms.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition revamps the classic game that was released over thirty years ago. The developer LucasArts is bringing the new game into a much more modern era. There’s an all-new contemporary art style at a new level. If you also need a re-mastered musical core, an in-depth hint system to help you, or a full voiceover, this is the game for you!

Besides the iOS version, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is available on FM Towns, Microsoft Windows, Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Commodore CDTV, Sega Genesis, and Classic Mac OS.

Bard’s Tale

Bard’s Tale is well-known for its impressive and innovative gameplay, and the main character has conquered the hearts of many fans through his numerous funny lines. The humor present in this game is priceless!

Bard’s Tale is another game available for a wide list of platforms except for iOS devices: PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ouya, Xbox, Classic Mac OS, and PlayStation Vita.


If you like Zelda games, you’ll definitely love Headland! The player of this latter title shall roam throughout a colorful realm as he has to search for gem shards that can restore creativity.

In Headland, you get to fight hordes of monsters in a unique combat system. You can unlock new weapons and even upgrade them using resources that you gather along the journey. 

We would be glad to know if you have any other favorite games for iOS, and the comment section is at your disposal! With the arrival of the iPhone 13 flagship phone in September this year, gaming for iOS devices should reach even new heights, and we’re super excited as we try to imagine what digital beauties will come soon!


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