The pandemic boom in home working ‘helped inspire the Apple Studio Display’

Using the Studio Display

Apple’s new 5K 27-inch Studio Display was partly inspired by the considerable change in user preferences and needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the associated shift towards greater home working around the world.

The revelation emerged in a feature article in GQ, in which people responsible for the realization of both the Studio Display and the equally new Mac Studio talked about two decades of Apple innovation, and how this fed into the products unveiled at the Peek Performance event earlier this month.

Senior product marketing manager at Apple, Colleen Novielli, is quoted as saying in the article: “Before, many people were happy with their notebook experience, because they had a desktop at work and would only work for a little bit at home. Now people want a big beautiful display on their desk.”

Meanwhile, Kate Bergerson – the Cupertino company’s vice-president of hardware engineering – said that the Studio Display uses special force canceling reverse technology in its six-speaker surround system, to stop the display from vibrating as a result of its powerful audio.

This particular technology normally sees use only in high-end products, such as studio monitors. Sure enough, the speaker system on Apple’s Studio Display has been met with acclaim from critics, although the same sadly cannot be said for the webcam; Apple has said it will fix the subpar image quality in a future update.

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