The pros and cons of buying Apple products from third-parties


For most of us, buying a new MacBook or iPhone is an exciting time, and buying directly from Apple allows you to enjoy the authentic Apple experience, whether you’re in-store, in-app, or online.

Not only do you get that iconic Apple carrier bag that you can use for your shopping, but you can enjoy first-class customer support from the real Apple professionals.

But sometimes, third-party retailers offer discounts that are simply too good to miss. Below, we have put together the biggest pros and cons of buying your products from third parties…


PRO: You can save money

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to buying a new MacBook or iPhone from a third party is that they often run discounts and promotions that can’t be found on Even a 5% or 10% discount can result in hundreds of dollars in savings when you’re buying new tech, and you can put the money you save towards a new pair of AirPods or a HomePod mini.


CON: You’re not eligible for Apple’s student discount

Apple offers generous discounts for students year-round, including some limited-time discounts where students can pick up a free pair of AirPods or Beats headphones when they buy an iPad or Mac.

Although some third parties honour this discount or offer their own student special offers, the chances are that Apple’s promotion will come out on top here.


PRO: Take advantage of in-store loyalty schemes

Some retailers run their own loyalty programmes where you can collect points or rewards for spending in their store, so shop around and see what you can find. For example, you might be able to earn a $50 gift card for every $500 you spend, which although won’t discount your Apple product, means you’ll have some gift cards to spend on accessories or your groceries.


CON: Your Apple Card benefit won’t apply

Apple offers a 3% cashback bonus on all purchases made on at Apple Store, and that offer only applies when you purchase directly from them. If you’re trying to build your credit score or take advantage of Apple’s special offers, an Apple Card and Apple Store pair-up is best.


PRO: More accessible than the Apple Store

Although Apple has hundreds of retail stores around the world, they’re mainly located in major cities and shopping malls. If you’re hours away from an Apple Store and prefer to speak to an expert in-store before you make an expensive purchase, you’re better off visiting a local technology retailer who’ll be clued up on different Apple and Windows computers.


CON: You miss out on the Apple Store experience

Shopping with a local retailer is fun, but there’s nothing quite like shopping at an Apple Store and walking out with your new tech. Whether you’re browsing and buying in-store or you’re collecting a pre-ordered device, it’s an awesome feeling that can’t be replicated elsewhere.


PRO: Some stores offer extended warranties

Some companies offer extended warranties on technology products, including those offered by Apple. Apple’s standard 12-month warranty is often enough for most consumers, but if you don’t want to splash out on an expensive AppleCare plan, see what aftercare offers your local technology store can offer. It’s unlikely they’ll replace a broken screen or a damaged Mac, but they could cover you for faulty items outside of the standard 12-month window.


CON: It’s “safer” buying from Apple

Although you’ll qualify for 12 months of AppleCare wherever you buy your new Apple device, most agree that it’s “safer” to buy directly from Apple, as you’ll have proof of purchase and connect your device to your Apple ID as soon as you buy it. Some independent retailers who sell second-hand iPhones and Macs could unknowingly sell a stolen or bricked device, which will cause unnecessary stress and inconvenience. Shopping direct is safer and stress-free.


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