The Release of the New Mac Pro

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Typically when new products are set for release during the holiday season, companies try to get them on store shelves before Christmas.  However, because the Mac Pro doesn’t cater to the average holiday consumer, Apple had no need to rush it onto store shelves.  Users of the desktop are, more often than not, media professionals whose careers require a model that is both efficient and high-powered.

Apple claims that the redesigned desktop model is “something radically different from anything before it.”  The Mac Pro of yesterday was tall, angular, and had a silver face that somewhat resembled a cheese grater.  In other words, the old model needed tending to.  Since then, it has truly been given an overhaul.  From the now cylindrical, streamlined shape to the vastly improved power structure, it in no way resembles the design of the past.  At its center is a unified thermal core that is “designed to maximize airflow as well as thermal capacity,” an element of design never before seen in the computer industry.  It’s not just the design that’s great; the Pro packs a wallop “with up to 12-core processing power” and “60 GB/s of memory bandwidth.”

If this is what you’re looking for, you can purchase the new Mac Pro starting at $2,999.00 via the online Apple store.  However, don’t expect to get it this month (unless you placed your order early in the day on December 19th).  Though the desktop is available for order online, you’ll be waiting until February for your shipment, and retail stores will not be stocking Mac Pros until March.  The delay seems excessive, but it’s most likely due to the unprecedented demand for the product as well as the fact that it’s being manufactured in the U.S.  But from looking at the specs, I’d say the new Mac Pro is well worth the wait.


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