The Small Film About Rural England Turned Global Hit

Thanks to the huge international success of television drama series Downton Abbey, the world now knows a lot more about the beautiful part of rural northern England called Yorkshire. However, that particular hit wasn’t actually filmed in Yorkshire, unlike another global drama success, a movie called Lad: A Yorkshire Story that was made on a very small and un-Hollywood budget.

The film is set in the Yorkshire Dales and tells the story of Tom Proctor, a young boy whose life is torn apart by his father’s death. Eviction threatens his mother and Tom clashes with the police, but park ranger Al Thorpe helps to turn Tom’s life around. It’s an endearing story brought to life by Yorkshire actors and even penned and directed by a Yorkshireman, Dan Hartley.

Despite being self-distributed, the movie has won a staggering 21 international festival awards and wowed a big variety of critics and other viewers. It’s certainly worthy of the honorable mention we give it in the current issue of AppleMagazine, which you can instantly access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by subscribing now. Oh, and you can learn more about Lad: A Yorkshire Story by visiting its website.

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