Theory That Image Shows Future 4-Inch iPhone 6 Debunked

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Yesterday, there was a lot of online excitement that Apple could have accidentally leaked an image of the rumored but as-yet-unannounced four-inch iPhone 6. We reported about the peculiar picture after it appeared on Apple’s website, but it has since been revealed to be simply a botched image of the already long available iPhone 5C.

Those sources have been cited by 9TO5Mac and confirmed that the picture showed not a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as had previously been thought, but the usual Home button of the iPhone 5C left without its white square icon due to an incorrect render. So, just as we reported MacRumors suggesting yesterday, a mistake made when using graphics software is apparently to blame.

This revelation does not, however, entirely rule out the possibility that Apple is genuinely preparing to release a four-inch iPhone 6, likely with the name of the iPhone 6C, later this year. If it does happen at all, we would expect it to happen in September, the month in which the Cupertino company traditionally formally reveals new additions to the iPhone line.

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