These iOS 13 Concepts Get Us Excited for WWDC 2019

With Apple expected to lift the lid on iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 this June, the rumor mill is going into overdrive, and new features like a redesigned home screen and a dark mode are circulating daily.

UX designers and app developers have been creating their own fantasy iOS 13 introduction videos for a number of months now, so we thought we’d rounded up four of the best and share with you some of our most-anticipated features for the new release…


ConceptsiPhone put together a stunning new concept for iOS 13 that includes more than 40 feature ideas for the release. Not everything they discuss is worth a mention in this list, but some of the most interesting include a new scene detection feature, and the ability to customize lock screen elements.

On the home screen, a new dark mode looks beautiful without taking away from the core concept of iOS that we know and love today, and a new non-intrusive call notification is something we’ve been waiting for. And the biggest of all? Multi-user support on iPad. We’d love this to become a reality.

Kamer Kaan Avdan

Kamer’s iOS 13 mockup is so believable that we thought it was an Apple leak when we first saw it – and boy does it impress. With new icons for virtually every app and a stunning dark mode, Kamer’s iOS 13 imagination includes dynamic app icons that change depending on the time of day, notifications, and activity from within the app, whilst multi-user support ticks another long-awaited feature off of the list. Finally, a redesigned Apple Music is another heavily-requested feature, and Avdan’s imagination of how Apple’s music management app could work gives us food for thought.

Jacob Rendina

Jacob actually shared the iOS 13 mockup in August of 2018, but that doesn’t mean his ideas aren’t as exciting today as they were back then. Let’s start with dark mode – it’s a staple in every iOS 13 mockup nowadays, and will likely remain so until Apple officially lifts the lid on an all-dark design.

But what Jacob did differently with his mock-up was to imagine some of the ways Apple could elevate the iOS experience by tweaking and streamlining some of its most loved features.

The mock-up includes a stunning new home screen design that removes the app icon labels and a new way to lock apps for privacy as standard. On iPad, Jacob’s mock-up shows off new ways users could manage multi-window applications, with a gorgeous new floating interface for apps like Calculator that sit on top of the core experience, whilst a redesigned Notes app allows users to add notes right on the home screen, making them more organized and giving them more everyday control.


Olias takes a different approach with his iOS 13 mockup, introducing an all-new look for the Home Screen and bringing a new all-circular design for the first time. It would be a huge move to step away from Apple’s iconic rounded rectangle app design, but the company is reported to be working on a new home screen design, so this could be something Apple looks to introduce at WWDC 2019.

Olias’ mock-up is perhaps the most drastic of the bunch and we’ll perhaps not see so many changes as he is proposing in his mock-up, but it’s interesting to see how iOS could look different from the way it does today. The home screen was last re-designed with the introduction of iOS 7 back in 2014, so it’s clear that a new look is coming soon. Would you be interested in a new circular design, though?

Tim Cook and co will lift the lid on a new-look iOS 13 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this June. Until then, keep it for the latest on Apple, every day of the week.

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