Think you know your iPhone?

The iPhone is nearly 12 years old. And although many of us may be familiar with the world’s most popular Smartphone, not everyone knows how to do everything on an iPhone.

Often, it isn’t instantly obvious how some of the seemingly basic tasks should be performed. Apple Magazine are here with five of the top tips.


Voicemail is not quite obsolete just yet. Though, since not many people still use voicemail, many are unaware how to use it on iPhone. In order to create your own custom voicemail greeting, head to the Voicemail tab within the Phone app, tap Greeting followed by Custom and Record.

As soon as you’re done recording, tap Stop and Play to listen back. If you’re happy with the greeting, simply hit Save. If you’d like to re-record, that’s also an option.

Magic text

Ever accidentally deleted a section of text, and sighed massively at the thought of retyping everything? Shake your iPhone side to side to undo it. If you change your mind, you can shake your device again to redo.

Locate messages easily

If you’re trying to find a specific text message, rather than filtering through hundreds of messages, use the Messages app search tool. Swipe down within the Messages app to reveal this feature and key in a phrase used in the message you’re looking for.

Bluetooth is back

Like voicemail, Bluetooth is still very much alive and kicking. The best way to share photos and videos between iPhone, iPad and Mac users is Airdrop. WiFi and Bluetooth must both be enabled for this to work. On both devices, select General followed by Airdrop and everyone in Settings. Your friends’ name should appear when using Airdrop in an app’s sharing menu.

Save time scrolling

To go back to the top of any page, hit the top left corner of the display. This feature works globally across iOS, as well as third-party apps such as Twitter and Facebook. This can prove very useful in your Camera Roll if you have thousands of images stored as it will take you to the very first picture taken.

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