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Thinner MacBook Airs to Debut at Apple’s WWDC in June 2016?

Apple could be readying to update the MacBook Air line in mid-2016 with an even slimmer chassis for both 13-inch and 15-inch models, judging by a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News.

The news outlet claims that the new MacBook Air will integrate “fully redesigned” internal components, which Apple is said to be currently helping its suppliers to develop, in order to further slim the overall design. The report also says that the new notebooks will debut at Apple’s next Worldwide Developers Conference, likely to be in June – but, curiously, makes no mention of a new 11-inch model.

It is possible that Apple is intending the 12-inch Retina display MacBook, released earlier this year, to take the place of the 11-inch MacBook Air in its notebook lineup. However, it should also be considered that Economic Daily News has a patchy record with the accuracy of its Apple predictions, leaving this story one to be taken with a grain of salt in want of similar reports elsewhere.

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