This is what the new AirPods Studio will look like Apple could launch the headphones in October.

Renders of Apple’s new AirPods Studio have surfaced, showing off their new design.

Thanks to Apple insider Jon Prosser, these new 3D renders have made their way into the public eye, showing off a metal and leather casing design, with mesh ear pads for comfort.

Earlier in the week, Prosser showed off what the new AirTags will look like, and now a second video has surfaced, revealing AirPods Studio design. The video was uploaded by Twitter user ConceptCreator, though the original source is unknown.

AirPods Studio follow on from the success Apple has had with its Beats range, and offer a premium alternative.

Apple will add sensors to the AirPods Studio to see when headphones are worn, so that music can be paused and played accordingly. One new feature expected is a proximity sensor in the headband itself, taking the technology to new heights.

Apple will also allow users to wear the headphones in whichever way they want, with no right or left-hand side. Instead, Apple will use technology to see how they’re worn and play audio accordingly. Active Noise Cancellation will also be included, offering a better seal over standard AirPods.

Apple could introduce a number of “swappable” features with the AirPods Studio, like headbands and ear cups that are held magnetically. Apple could also offer a sports version of the AirPods Studio with plastic and rubber, and a “pro” model with leather and metal.

Are you excited to get your hands on AirPods Studio? Let us know and check back soon.

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