This New watchOS 6 Concept Has Us Excited for WWDC 2019

When designers and UX developers try to put their own spin on the Apple ecosystem, they typically stick to iOS or macOS, sharing their thoughts on what the future might look like.

But not Jake Sworski, who has put together a new watchOS 6 concept that has us really excited for WWDC 2019.

Let’s just hope Apple has something this innovative up its sleeve for its next smartwatch software release!

Sworski’s concept shows off an awesome new feature that allows users to automatically have their watch face changed depending on where they are – they may decide to opt for a more traditional face when they’re in the office, and then choose a wacky design at home.

The design also shows off a vision for a new Activity Rings system, with users able to customize the current set-up and add their own rings to the mix, for things such as sleep, breathing, and more. A new Body app is used to track height, weight, and BMI inside of the Apple Watch app, too, giving users even more control over their fitness and everyday health.

The concept also shows off a Nutrition app, which would allow users to log calories from their food and drink, similar to how fitness and weight loss apps like My Fitness Pal work.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this mock-up, though, is Sleep. Users can see their average heart rate during slumber, and monitor things such as time asleep, their time in bed, and stages of their sleep, breaking down how long each stage lasted and their REMs.

There are lots of innovative new features on Sworski’s concept, like an updated app for Calendar, and the introduction of apps like Home, Photos, Books, Safari, and Notes on watchOS, which could give the Apple Watch a tonne of new use cases and reduce users’ reliance on iPhone, especially now Apple Watch offers cellular connectivity and a larger battery life.

What do you think of this stunning watchOS mock-up? Would you like to see these new features on your wrist this year? Let us know on Twitter using @AppleMagazine, and check back soon for the latest on Apple Watch and indeed other Apple products, as and when we get it.

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