Thousands Are Still Using The Faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7

US Loyalty to Samsung Still High After Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

Following several reports of spontaneous combustion and a public apology, Samsung has decided that they are going to recall all faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices. They have launched a replacement program that allows those who purchased the faulty device to turn it in for a replacement Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge – with a refund of the difference in price – or a full refund.

Verizon, the carrier for the Note 7, have even released a software update to the Note 7 that is supposed to kill the phone and prevent it from charging properly in a bid to prevent further fires from happening and encourage customers to replace them. However, despite all of their efforts Samsung still believe there to be thousands of users who have somehow bypassed the killer patch and are continuing to use the Note 7.

Taking matters further, Verizon has stated that they’re now going to start redirecting all outgoing calls from Galaxy Note 7s directly to Verizon customer service, with the exception of 911 calls.

They may also bill the users the full cost of the phone in the future, seeing as they have already refunded the users for the phone.

The bizarre love for the Galaxy Note 7 has kept it alive even after it has been discontinued, hobbled and then hobbled some more. A few Note 7s have even popped up on eBay, listed as collector’s items.

Many believe that the battery was the reason that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a tendency to burst into flames, but the results of Samsungs official investigation have yet to be made public.

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