Tim Cook says he’s “greatly optimistic” about Apple’s future at investor meeting

Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted an online-only shareholders meeting yesterday, where stockholders voted on a number of proposals and the election of directors to Apple’s Board.

Amongst the proposals passed was the reintroduction of Apple’s public accounting firm, whilst rejected proposals included improvements to its executive compensation program.

During the presentation, Tim Cook recapped the company’s progress in 2020, revealing: “Apple makes the best, most useful, most innovative, most trusted products out there, and we took that mission to another level.” As part of his speech, he called HomePod mini a “hit” and said that Apple’s new AirPods Max headphones had been hugely popular since launch.

Whilst Cook didn’t offer any specifics on upcoming products, he said there were “exciting things” ahead for iPhone, and “great things” ahead for the Mac range.

Speaking of how the company handled the COVID-19 pandemic, Cook said: “In so many ways, the world has changed, but in fundamental ways, Apple has not. Apple is made up of people who want to spend their lives making things that enrich the lives of others, making them more fulfilled, more creative, and more human. We’re comfortable saying no to a lot of things and laser focused on the areas where we can have the greatest impact, innovating relentlessly. Technology made by people, for people, and with people’s well being in mind.”

Cook rounded out the meeting saying he feels “greatly optimistic about the future” of Apple.

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