Tips for business: How to succeed on Instagram

For many businesses, switching over or starting to use Instagram as a marketing tool is exactly what they needed to jumpstart their business and put themselves on the road to success. Some of the most successful and well-known brands out there have proved time and time again that social media marketing reaps countless benefits. By having an Instagram profile you reach a wider audience and a much more targeted audience. This means that you reach a much more relevant market, much quicker, and this happens even faster when you use an organic Instagram growth service like Growthoid. It is not enough to just have a profile on Instagram, you need to create a profile that people will want to follow and keep up with. If you want your business to thrive on Instagram, here are a few tips to ensure your Instagram success.

Engaging Content is Key

Instagram is a platform on which people want to be entertained by visually stimulating imagery. There is an enormous emphasis on aesthetics therefore you should pay careful attention to what you post. Your content should be creative, new, and engaging for your audience in order to gain new followers and to maintain old followers. You should make sure that your posts are of good quality and eye-catching in order to motivate your followers to engage with your page. 

Follower engagement is incredibly important to boost your page and to keep your page relevant. When people can engage with your content, you are more likely to gain followers organically and have a much more niche and targeted market, and this helps in getting more followers easily. This type of marketing is much more effective than direct advertising as it allows your audience to come to you rather than you putting out mass advertisements to people who may or may not be interested in your business.

Engage With Your Followers

Whilst it is important to get your followers to engage with your content, it is equally as important for you to engage with your followers and their content. Traditional advertising was a shot in the dark. You would have your advert pushed out to the masses and then hope customers would come to you. With Instagram, you can find your customers and advertise directly to your target market. You can find the exact customers you want and bring them into you. 

There are a few different ways to do this, one of these being hashtags. When searching a hashtag that relates to your business on Instagram, you will find people who have posted under that hashtag and therefore people who are more than likely to be interested in your business. The hashtag function on Instagram is highly valuable to find your target market and makes it much easier to market to them in a more direct manner. 

Make Use of Instagram Analytics

Instagram offers free tools for you to understand your Instagram account better. There are features that allow you to monitor your account’s analytics, which makes it much easier to optimize your account and have your account working at its full potential. One of the features allows you to see when your followers are most active, which will give you an idea of the ideal window of time to post new content. 

You can also see the ideal amount of times to post in a day by examining at which point your follower engagement starts to drop after a certain amount of posts. These features allow you to see what types of content your followers engage with the most and thus to make content that is tailor-made for your followers. 

Make Use of Instagram Followers

Instagram has a few different places where you can post content. One of these is an Instagram story. Stories are a fairly new feature and have quickly become popular. Many people get a lot of their follower interaction from Instagram stories because of the amount of fun and engaging features that stories offer. An Instagram story is a temporary picture or a video that is put on your profile for 24 hours and then it disappears. This is perfect for content that is less about your actual business and more about follower engagement. 

People tend to look at stories on Instagram a lot as they can be a source of entertainment for one’s boredom. By making use of these Instagram stories you will get many more people seeing your account and visiting your profile. 

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