Tips for quality web application developments

If you’ve made up your mind about taking your business online, now is the right time to explore the web application development market to ensure you are on the right path to developing your top-notch web application. 

Web Apps vs Websites: What’s the Difference?

One of the most asked questions is what the difference between a web app and website is. While websites display useful content and are accessible through browsers, web applications are similar but not the same. Web apps also contain a variety of content; however, they include more functionality and interactive elements than websites. 

Due to the customisable option on web apps, they are typically more challenging to build. As a web app is a computer software accessed through a web browser, they are often intertwined with a database that provides an interactive experience that is special to each user. 

Browsers & Devices

It is important to note that a web app does not look the same on each computer screen. Browsers on each device render a web app differently. For example, a website that looks and acts a certain way on Google Chrome in a desktop computer looks and acts differently on Safari on a smartphone. 

The rise of smartphone technology has resulted in more users accessing web apps through mobile devices. How a website looks on a screen is dependent on parsing and rendering factors. Every browser translates the website and display code on the screen through different methods. Be sure to optimise your web app so that the User Experience (UX) is pleasant for mobile users.


Time Spent on Web Apps

When it comes to how people read web apps, 79% of users scan the web app, whereas, only 16% of users read the text word by word. Your web app development must use scannable text and should include keywords, headings and subheadings, bulleted lists, simple paragraphs containing one idea, and fewer words. 

It takes just 0.9 seconds for a web app user to form an opinion. To leave a lasting impression on the user, ensure a good experience by using a well-presented content layout and an appealing background theme. For many web users, credibility is essential, which can be increased with the use of high-quality graphics, hypertext links and overall quality text writing. 

Web App Life Span

As the digital space is ever-evolving, every aspect of the internet, from hardware to software, changes over the years. As a result, this development affects web apps too. For example, a web app designed and developed three years ago must be upgraded and updated to the latest available technology to ensure an optimum level of user experience. 

With the emergence of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and Blockchain, this has already begun impacting websites. If you’re a top company, be sure to power your web app with the new-age technologies to improve your data-driven approach.


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