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YouTube is a top choice for people who want to build a career as a blogger nowadays. This platform offers freedom of expression, which may be hard to achieve on any other network. But the competition in most niches is extremely high now, it is vital for newcomers to develop the right strategy at the very start. Of course, there are many methods that can help you to develop your channel quickly and effectively. Here we have gathered the most efficient ones that will definitely come in handy when you begin building up your channel.

word about paid services

It is not a secret that many people turn their attention to the paid options. Such promotion usually offers to gain 1000 YouTube subscribers for a modest price, in order to make your video go viral in shorter terms. The strategy seems to be easy – you pay, and you get bigger numbers, and become popular. Well, in reality, it is not that simple. If you want to reach real success, you have to use paid services carefully, because being reckless with such purchases leads to bad consequences, including account ban. 

However, purchased views or subscribers can be a good assistance in the beginning of your career, as you struggle for your place in the rating, and hearts of your audience. Remember that paid stats are only an instrument in your wide arsenal, and you must aim for organic growth in the first place.


Research and analytics 

Right before you start actively working on your channel on YouTube, you have to do a lot of research. That is a required point if you need fast and effective growth. The subject of your work is your target audience. Think hard, for whom you create your content and what will trigger their interest. Look through trends that are specific to your industry and discover how people react to similar content. Analyze the information you get and you will have enough tips for building a decent promotion tactic. 

Arrange SEO

To make your videos visible to your target audience, you need to meet their search results. A prominent tool for that is ‘keywords’ – terms that associate with the niche that you occupy, and which are used in search for the materials the most. 

Your goal is to reach a perfect balance between general terms, and more specific ones, which define your topic range precisely. 

  • Use the most relevant keywords in your video titles.
  • Write keyword-rich descriptions
  • Add channel tags
  • Introduce at least one keyword in the text block of your thumbnail

Go for custom thumbnails 

Speaking of them in the previous paragraph, it is vital to note that these tiny pictures need special attention. Basically, they are the first thing that a user sees when they choose a video to watch. Thumbnails visualize what your video is about. And as humans perceive information mostly with their vision, having thumbnails done well is a must. 

  • Create a color scheme that will make your videos distinct 
  • Don’t overload your pictures with lots of details – the actual size of it is very small, so being too detailed the image will become a smudged blob
  • Add short text with relevant keywords to accentuate the content 

Control the communication 

As YouTube is a social media platform, it is vital to get in touch with your audience, so the viewers feel the feedback from you. You should care about what your subscribers are telling you – this is an endless pit of useful information for improving your performance. 

Of course, criticism isn’t always objective, but you have to understand that hate is a part of a healthy process of gaining popularity. Your task here is to provide an adequate reaction to the criticism you get and learn to find the rational seed in it. 

Also, keep up friendly and somewhat private conversations with your followers. The level of privacy is for you to be regulated, but you must know that users love feeling involved in the affairs of their favorite bloggers. Sincerity, a positive attitude, and a note of humor will do you a big favor for sure. 

Push your engagement rate

Engagement is probably the most important thing for social media promotion. The ultimate goal of your communication with the viewers is encouraging them for activity on your channel – likes, comments, sharing, etc. 

YouTube algorithms would prefer to promote channels that provide more activity on the platform. So, by providing enough material to be discussed and interacted with, you increase your rating and expand your reach a lot.

Maintain a schedule

Stable and effective growth on YouTube is impossible without having a steady schedule of uploading new videos. Users like certainty and getting new content frequently. The recommended consistency of posting new vids on YouTube is at least once a week. More experienced bloggers usually keep it around 2-3 times a week. Some bloggers manage to upload née content daily. Nevertheless, your schedule shouldn’t hurt your productivity. It is always better to start off with fewer videos and increase your uploading frequency step by step when you feel the time is right. 

Provide top-quality content

Practically all your efforts will perish if you do not create something truly interesting and original, as well as if you won’t pay attention to the technical details. Users today have a wide choice of content, whatever niche they would search for. And although it is hard to create something hundred percent original, your charisma and personal attitude can drive more attention to your channel. Develop your esthetic tastes and find references in other bloggers’ materials, to create a decent picture that catches the eye and holds the attention of the audience. 

Follow trends

To make your channel more interesting and engaging for your viewers, you need to keep your hand on the pulse of the industry. Catching up with current trends of social media is the key to viral potential of your videos. And, this is a source of useful information about the interests of your target audience.

Knowing the current level of competition in most niches, developing a channel on YouTube is not a piece of cake. To make your profile flourish, many efforts have to be put into it. But, with the tips that are given in this article, the task becomes a bit easier.

Of course, there are many factors that depend on the industry and your personality, as well as the purposes you follow. But remember that whatever topic you would choose for developing in your blog, quality and sincere attitude are an absolute must if you want to reach success on this network.

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