Tips to make your team bonding day fun & effective

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Whether you yourself are in charge of arranging, designing, and booking the next team bonding day as part of your professional role or are one of the participants who have a vested interest in making it a success, then you have come to the right place. 

Here, for your information and reading pleasure, are four top tips to make your team bonding day fun and effective. Try one or all of them to transform your team. 

Plan a theme

Unless you and the rest of your colleagues are already, and without any exception, firm friends who socialize outside of work, it is highly likely that at least one member of the team feels isolated and separated from the rest of the group.

This is why one of the best possible pieces of advice to someone who wants to make their team bonding activity or event as fun and simultaneously effective as possible, is to plan your event around a clear theme. 

From murder mystery evenings to 1980’s style outerwear, there is a seemingly endless number of different themes to choose from; just make sure you pick one!

Collaborate with a merchandise manufacturer

Another fabulous piece of advice when wanting to make your team bonding day as entertaining as possible is to collaborate with a reputable and renowned company, such as 

Such businesses excel in collaborating with all different types of businesses to design and manufacture high-quality promotional products which can be distributed to every participant in the team bonding activity day. 

Don’t let your budget get away from you!

It is also strongly advised to plan a strict and unwavering budget, whether you are in charge of the financial considerations yourself, or whether you have been given a ballpark figure from a senior manager or colleague. 

Depending entirely on your budget, it may well be worth looking into cost-effective and relatively cheap activities which are perfect for encouraging communication, and conversation between team members who otherwise would not come into contact with each other.

Affordable and entertaining team building activities could include one or more of the following:

  • Game Show Games
  • Sporting Challenges
  • Bowling
  • Charity Bike Ride or Fun Run
  • General Knowledge Quiz
  • Pictionary and Charades
  • Escape Room Challenge
  • Office Scavenger Hunt
  • Employee-led Activities & Workshops

Consider a professional facilitator

It may well be that, as the organizer of the team bonding event, you are exceedingly well-versed in hosting and very much a leader, and therefore feel confident and even excited about running the entire day.

However, if this is not naturally your personality type, it may well be worth looking into hiring the services of a motivational speaker, professional trainer, or facilitator who can run the event for you. The other useful advantage of choosing someone to lead the group for the entirety of the day is that you yourself will be able to relax and be an active participant in the activities too.

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