Tips & Tricks: How to aesthetically add plants to your home office

Office Deco
Office Deco

Adding plants to the home can really spruce up the place solely based on their beauty and fragrance. However, some plants won’t look good in your technologically driven space because the clash between synthetic and nature is evident. To aesthetically add florals to the modern home, you’ll need to use your creativity and a lot of research – this post can help!

Plants & Ornaments

Use HomeKit to Link Plants & Ornaments

When Apple announced HomeKit in June 2014, they wanted to link all home automation devices and accessories. Although most users will connect their lights, security system, and router with HomeKit, the possibilities for integration are endless as long as the technology has a WiFi connection. All integration can be done directly from your iPhone and router. 

HomeKit can water your plants for you, adjust the lighting in your home and raise or lower the temperature if they’re integrated through AppleHome. With Smart Devices and applications, you can create an ecosystem that fits a specific flower or plant’s needs in one room while keeping another comfortable for guests in another. 

For example, there exists a wide selection of plants (particularly for Mother’s Day) that you can find from online retailers that are from the orchid family. They require high temperatures, high humidity, and minimal water to flourish. Cactuses and other tropical plants have similar needs.

If you want to make caring for plants easier, download the following apps.

Apps for Watering

Are you looking for motion sensors, automated water scheduling, and complete control over how much water your plants receive daily? Try a WiFi watering system with an included application. You’ll need to hook up the sensors for each plant, but you’ll save time fiddling with specific care needs. As another positive, you can use these systems to keep your plants healthy on vacation.

Edyn Garden Sensor Kit

Edyn Garden Sensor Kit: With over 5000 plants in their database, it’s almost impossible to accidentally kill your plants. Edyn tracks light, humidity, soil nutrition, temperature, and moisture and can integrate with solar-powered valves.

Greeniq System

GreenIQ Controller: Has a total of 6 irrigation zones, supports 24VAC values, and can integrate with IFTTT, Echo, Nest, Cresteon, and Muzzley. Able to water and test soil.

You can also try PlantLink Lush and Gardena Smart System.

HomeKit Light Design

Apps for Lighting 

There are endless smart blinds, shades, blackout shades, and curtains that can bring some light into your room for your plants. YooLax designs the best overall models, but IKEA, Spring Blinds, and LaraTap are other great options. All can be integrated with HomeKit.

Apps for Moisture Tracking

Flower Power and Toro Precision Soil Sensor are both able to use their extensive database of plants to track moisture and water levels. Just stick them into your potted plants or outdoors (if you decide to make a garden) for the technology to work.

Parrot Flower Control

Smart Pots (Parrot Pot: BluetoothPlanter)

The Parrot Pot” BluetoothPlanter will likely replace all pots in the future due to its ease of use. Its automatic watering system and sensors that monitor temperature, soil moisture, sunlight, and fertilizer levels could make most plant-specific apps obsolete. Smart Pots typically look great in a modern home as their minimalist design hides dirt or soil. Parrot Pot connects via Bluetooth and uploads data that you can link with the Cloud, which will provide gardening tips and reminders.

Adobe CC

Decorating Apps (Adobe Color CC and Color911)

One of the biggest hurdles for decorating novices is matching up the right colors with the furniture in their space. Most offices have neutral color tones, so it’s easy to add a splash of color. However, if you have wood walls, eccentric wallpaper, or mismatched equipment, you should use a color wheel to match your aesthetic with the plants or flowers you wish to buy.

Adobe Color CC is a simple to use, free software that lets you pick a color harmony rule and your favorite color to see which of them work best together. Color911 chooses from a large list of color pallets that compliment each other and follow conventional decorating rules.


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