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Is today launch day for the Amazon Echo touchscreen?

For those who have been keeping up to date with Amazon’s latest tech, it’s likely that you’ve come across the most recent leaks for the new touchscreen Echo. Reports released yesterday claim that we may see a release at some point today, with the device going on sale for upwards of $200.

Amazon’s release of the artificial intelligence home speaker in 2014 set a precedent for voice recognition devices. The Echo was the predecessor of Google Home and it has recently been rumored that Apple too are in the process of creating their own A.I assistant.

This new device from Amazon will be the biggest upgrade in two years and a report from the Wall Street Journal, as well as several photos of the device posted online, indicate that it will feature a touchscreen and a change in design. The device has been dubbed the Amazon Echo Show, but this is yet to be confirmed.

If reports are correct, the intelligent assistant will come with a seven-inch touchscreen, allow internet video and voice calling and may allow for conversations between multiple Echos within the home. It’s also likely that this device will be a continuation of the Alexa AI that has been included in third-party devices.

It is reported that you’ll be able to pre-order the Echo Show today and that June 28 will be the shipping date, but these may differ worldwide. Expected prices are $299.99 in the US, £219.99 in the UK and €239.99 in Europe.

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