Top digital marketing tools to help you promote your online tech business Have an online tech business you need to promote? Learn about the top digital marketing tools to help you.

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting a product, service, or brand online. It can be simpler to manage and carry out this task if you are aware of the tools available for online advertising. A business can promote its products and find new customers by selecting the right digital marketing tools.

The survival of businesses today depends on digital marketing tools. It may sound like an exaggeration. However, remember that a solid tech stack promotes growth and guarantees you aren’t wasting your valuable time on menial tasks.

On the other hand, not utilizing modern marketing tools could cause your company to lag behind its rivals. The positive news is that there is no shortage of tools available to handle the labor-intensive aspects of your marketing tasks for your tech business.

Digital marketing tools

Regardless of your objectives, we’ve put together a thorough list of digital marketing tools that can be useful to you. This list can be the cornerstone of a strong marketing stack, whether it’s for managing customer relationships, luring leads, or finding new marketing opportunities.

SEO tools

Anything businesses can do to improve their search presence is a plus as the digital landscape becomes more competitive. Even though SEO can be intimidating, especially for new companies, there are many online marketing tools available to you that can help you find search opportunities and maximize your current search engine efforts.


Consider the case where you want to improve your content and take advantage of keyword opportunities. In this situation, a Clearscope is useful.

The platform offers a detailed editor recommending keywords, headers, and readability to help you write high-ranking, well-balanced blog posts, making it especially helpful for content writing. Clearscope covers every facet of SEO, whether you’re redesigning your current blogs or creating a new content strategy from scratch.


When generating keyword suggestions and opportunities to rank, Ahrefs is the industry standard.

Using the site explorer of the platform, you can check the top organic keywords for any URL and learn how much traffic a competitor receives for a particular search term. You can also find the top articles and backlinking resources on a website.

To summarize, Ahrefs is an excellent tool for competitive analysis and ensuring that your existing content is suitable for search.


Sitechecker is a multi-purpose SEO tool that will help you make a high-quality SEO audit of your site. One of its features is SEO Page Checker. This tool will help you perform SEO analysis of technical attributes such as robots.txt files, 404 error, URL structure, hreflang tags, and redirects with http / https and www / non-www versions.

You can also use this tool to assess the quality of internal optimization, namely HTTP status code, meta tags, H1-H6 structure, Google preview, text-to-code ratio.

This tool will show the web page load speed on mobile and desktop devices and provide a list of recommendations to improve it.

Email marketing tools

Perhaps the most tried-and-true, scalable marketing channel available to contemporary businesses is email, trusted by 78 percent of people. Therefore, email solutions are a fundamental component of Internet marketing software for companies of all sizes. 

So, as an online tech business, you can highly benefit from this. For email campaigns, you should consider websites like PosterMyWall and use their email marketing platform to find many useful templates.


Both email novices and seasoned pros can easily use a variety of SendGrid’s email marketing services.

The platform, for instance, provides flexible design options through coding, drag-and-drop visual editing, or a combination of both. SendGrid also includes comprehensive deliverability and performance analytics that show marketers which messages are effective and require improvement.


An email marketing solution was unveiled by HubSpot, a well-known supplier of CRM and inbound marketing software.

Not only is it straightforward and has an impressive deliverability rate, but HubSpot Email Marketing is also natively integrated with all other HubSpot products, including the free-for-life CRM and hundreds of other well-liked marketing tools.

Social media marketing tools

Social media, an excellent place to get leads and create professional connections, is also great for gathering insightful information about what your customers want.


A social media management platform called Sprout helps businesses centralize the management of their assets and content calendar. By knowing when your followers are active, you can use this to perfectly time the publication and scheduling of your content across several platforms.


Tools like Audiense take listening to a new level by helping businesses identify and segment their social media audiences. It makes it easier to run highly targeted advertising campaigns and explore your customer personas.

You’d be surprised at how much you can discover by looking into demographics, personality traits, and other topics just from social media for your online tech business.

When your digital marketing tools are organized, you can move forward with your campaigns with confidence and, at the same time, keep a better eye on your marketing efforts.

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