Top File Editing Apps that Work for iPhone 15 Thanks to technological advancements, you can edit documents using your smartphone. Discover the top file-editing apps for the iPhone 15.


Many new types of communication have come to fruition; however, documents have remained one of the most popular methods of sharing important information with others. For this reason, apps specializing in document editing have become extremely popular as more people have started using their smartphones to make important changes to their files. With so many options out there, it can take a lot of work to choose the right app for you. Below, we will go through the top file editing apps that work for those using the iPhone 15.


First on this list is ClickUp, an app designed to boost productivity by providing users with a platform to manage projects for work and store important documents in one place. ClickUp allows users to collaborate to optimize workflow by making a project run as smoothly as possible in a group environment. Everyone involved in a project will be able to see the documents and have an understanding of progress and what needs to be done. This synchronizes the workflow and puts everyone on the same page concerning roles and responsibilities on a project. The app has been expertly designed with useful templates readily available, so it won’t take long to understand it.

PDF Expert

Next up on this list is PDF Expert, the perfect app for those who want to modify and edit PDF on iPhone. This app allows users to store all of their essential PDF documents in one place and make a huge range of edits with the click of a few buttons. Its superb interface makes it easy to grasp and utilize all its useful features. You can convert the format of a PDF document into a vast range of different forms and turn scanned documents or images into PDFs that can be edited. 

PDF Expert allows you to add an electronic signature to contracts, invoices, and documents without having to use a computer and enables users to compress PDF files without sacrificing the quality of the file. If you are looking for an app to edit PDFs, then PDF Expert is a fantastic option for you. There is a free version and a paid version, so why not download it and see if it is something you think you might use a lot?

Google Docs

Google Docs was truly innovative in becoming the first-ever platform to enable more than one person to edit a document at the same time. Since its creation, it has become a popular choice worldwide for both personal and work projects edited on the cloud. One of the best features of Google Docs is that it can be accessed across a range of devices, which means whether you are on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, you can open your documents on Google Docs. This helps to boost productivity as you no longer need to wait until you are home to get some work done. If you find that you have a spare moment whilst traveling, you can open your smartphone or laptop and get on with some tasks you need to do.


GatherContent is another app that functions as a platform to facilitate collaboration and content production in a group. One thing that sets GatherContent apart from other apps that allow multiple users to access the same document and make changes is the content management solution feature. This feature enables users to create style guides, which can be easily implemented into documents. GatherContent also has several tools to optimize project management to coordinate content creation.


Notion is an app that both individuals and content teams can use. It can be used for a number of important things, including creating and editing documents with text, tables, and media files, and has recently integrated artificial intelligence to help produce the best possible content for projects. It is an ideal app for consolidating your work and planning roles and responsibilities in a workgroup and has a simple yet effective interface that makes it easy to navigate.

The final app on this list is, which provides users with a platform to facilitate knowledge management and document collaboration. Team members in a group can work with each other to create and edit projects to include things like videos, cloud files, social content, and images. It has a flexible and user-friendly interface, allowing users to customize it to match their style while being reasonably easy to get to grips with all the available tools. Depending on what you want to use for, businesses have multiple price points, from free up to $15 per month per user.

Get the Best Document Editor for You

So there we have it. Now you know about some of the best file editing apps that can be used with the newly released iPhone 15. Try out some of the options mentioned above to see if it makes your working life easier.

Each app has its own unique uses, so it is worth trying a few to see what works best for you.

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