Top tips on how to create catchy and engaging Instagram stories


If you want to become an influencer, then Instagram is the platform for you. Instagram allows you to share videos, photographs, and audio clips, and create stories. A story is a time-locked video, that disappears 24 hours after it is posted. If you have an open platform, then even people that don’t follow you can watch your stories. If your stories are engaging enough, then they can attract people to your page. You can also save them to your page, so people can rewatch them.

This article will tell you a few top tips for creating catchy and engaging Instagram stories:

Using music

Adding music to your Instagram stories is a very effective way of making them more interesting and engaging. Additionally, by deciding to add music you can incorporate popular and trending songs to captivate and hold the attention of your audience. Music can also compliment stylistic choices, like dancing or text overlay. If you are going to use music in your Instagram videos, then make sure that the songs being used aren’t copyrighted. If you have a very large channel, you could get into trouble for using an artist’s music without their permission.

Answer questions

If you want to create engaging content, then it’s always a good idea to answer your audience’s questions. Instagram gives you the opportunity to ask a question in one story, and then post your audience’s replies in the following ones. Answering questions is a good way to directly engage with your audience and make them feel involved in your page’s direction. You can also encourage your audience to ask you questions themselves, using the question feature. Simply make a story saying, “Ask me anything,” and your audience can go ahead and start sending you messages.

Posting polls

Instagram also allows you to post polls and quizzes, which again, gives your audience an opportunity to engage with your content. Polls can be based upon any subject that you want. You are given the opportunity by Instagram to post multiple choice answers, so you can gauge your audience’s feelings about certain topics and subjects. Polls are a great way of engaging with your audience, which is something that you should always strive to do. By engaging with your audience, you make them feel as though they are an important part of your page, which will keep them committed to you.

Instagram Stories | How to use Polls

Content reminders

Something that many of Instagram’s biggest influencers do is post content notifications and reminders. A content reminder is a screenshot of your latest post, with your face or an important element of the photo blacked out. Content reminders aren’t just a great way to get people to check out your story, but also to engage with other parts of your page. Ultimately if you want to succeed as an influencer or just want to have a popular page, you need to keep your audience as engaged as possible. Content reminders will ensure total engagement.

Location sharing

If you don’t mind sharing your location and potentially exposing yourself to random meets ups, then telling your audience where you are is a great idea. Many of YouTube and Instagram’s biggest influencers do this when they arrive in a new location so that their audiences and biggest fans can come and meet them. Location sharing can be risky, of course, but as long as you are in a public place and don’t have any enemies, you should be just fine. Make sure that if you are meeting up with people from your social media pages that you do so in a brightly lit public place.

Quote posting

If you want your audience to know where you stand politically, then you can post quotes by philosophers, politicians, and social activists. You can also just post quotes to let your audience know how you are feeling. If you have an audience that engages with you often, then posting quotes is a great way to let them know what your mood is. If you are feeling down and show this through quotes, your audience will be able to comfort you, send you messages, and just generally help you to feel better.

Product promotion

Finally, if you are an influencer that has its own line of products or services, promoting it in your story is a very effective way of appealing to your audience and getting their attention. Product promotion is relatively easy, requiring you to simply put up a picture of your product or service and explain how your audience can purchase it or make use of it.

Whatever you are using Instagram for, engaging your audience and creating interesting stories is a fantastic way of expanding and growing your followers. Becoming an influencer can be very lucrative, so if it’s something that you are interested in, then you need to improve your story skills.

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