Total Communicator Solutions Announces the Launch of an Augment Reality Mobile Marketing Platform for the Enlightened Hospitality Group at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

TCSslide_edit_editAugmented Reality (AR) Mobile Application is World First Inside a Fully Functional Communication and Marketing Platform

LAS VEGAS — Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) announced today that it is publishing its mobile marketing platform for the Enlightened Hospitality Group, Inc. of San Diego. The solution includes the first use of Augmented Reality (AR) inside a complete mobile communication platform. Patrons to the popular EHG restaurants in San Diego such as Searsucker, Herringbone, Burlap, Gabardine and Gingham can download the free app from the Apple App store and from Google Play. The application includes an Augmented Reality video player that will play an overlay of video on each of the restaurants’ logos. Brian Malarkey, the Top Chef celebrity chef who is soon to be featured on ABC’s “The Taste” prime time TV show, will also appear in Augmented Reality “coming to life” and welcoming users of the app in his signature high energy style.

This innovative use of Augmented Reality inside a fully functional mobile communication platform marks a world’s first. “Now Augmented Reality serves a purpose beyond the initial ‘WOW’ factor. With the use of Augmented Reality to showcase the diversity of the EHG group of restaurants and bars, we have created an engaging and entertaining end user interaction,” explained Erik Bjontegard, Founder and CEO of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS). “With all the additional features our application and platform provides such as contextual relevant offers, reservations, menus, VIP benefits and more, the end user will find value in the application beyond Augmented Reality.”

“The solution TCS created provides exactly what we wanted. Being recognized as a leader in the new ways of restaurant operations, we had been pitched by numerous mobile companies. We had never seen a solution like theirs and look forward to implementing it,” explained James Brennan, Partner at Enlightened Hospitality Group. “I know our customers will find value in it, and we are excited to start providing the added value to them.”

The application enables users to view the videos in Augmented Reality, see menus, make reservations and place to-go orders. The videos are high energy and quality productions shot on location, showcasing the variety of exteriors, interiors, food and drinks for each of the locations. REP Production Inc. performed the creative, editing and shooting of the video under TCS’s oversight and specifications.

“By launching our platform with James and Brian, we have teamed with a cutting edge group of new breed restaurateurs that understand and use social media — and now will use a complete mobile marketing platform — to entertain, interact and provide service to its guests at their ‘Fabric of Social Dining’ locations. The platform provides a new level of intimacy between the group and their patrons,” stated Erik Bjontegard.

“This was a very exciting project for us to be a part of. Once Mr. Bjontegard showed me one of the early prototypes, I knew immediately that this would become big and powerful,” stated Chris Carter, CEO of REP Interactive. “With our expertise in creating high power and stylistic video promos for the Internet, I see a brand new avenue for us working with the TCS team to create content for some of their Augmented Reality solutions. This is truly a new communication channel for the content we create.”

The application serves as a communication device where the TCS back-end solution enables offers to be presented to the users as they are in proximity of the restaurant; reward users that are frequent diners; provide rewards to those that use the fully integrated social network function to invite friends — and also welcome diners back. The back-end is a simple to use campaign management dashboard that integrates with the cloud based TCS Mobile CRM database.

The application is soon to be available for free downloads on Apple App store and Goggle Play.

“We have a number of additional customers we will be launching using our communication platform in new and innovative ways. This is the future of AR and the future of mobile marketing — I like to call it ‘Contextual Intelligent Marketing,'” explained Bjontegard.

For more information on TCS, visit Mobi Context. To view the TCS Augmented Reality experience, visit YouTube.


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