Toyota Unveils Plans For A Car That Can Read Emotions

Toyota’s futuristic-looking Concept-i car was shown off at this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas and, according to Toyota, the car will be capable of reading the emotions of the driver.
The Concept-i is designed with sophisticated artificial intelligence that will learn more and more about its owner the more it is driven and will ultimately stat to build up a relationship with the driver.

The interactions will come from Toyota’s own AI assistant, Yui. Yui will greet drivers on the outside of the car door as they approach and speak to them as they drive. The AI is also capable of feeding back information regarding a journey via touch, light and sound. This could mean that the car is capable of warning drivers or slippy surfaces and warn drivers or bad weather.
Toyota claims that the main focus of the Concept-i is to concentrate on the human that is in the car, even if the conversations they’re having are with an AI.

Credit: Toyota
Credit: Toyota

Toyota have claimed in a statement, “It goes beyond just driving patterns and schedules, making use of multiple technologies to measure emotion, mapped against where and when the driver travels in the world”.

As interesting as this car appears, it seems unlikely that it will be available to consumers unless the technology displayed here becomes a mainstay in years to come, but for now it’s intriguing to see what Toyota believes the future of driving looks like.

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