Tracking the Apple Car: A Development ‘Gone Silent’ Apple Car's future remains uncertain as developments become less visible.

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According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the trajectory and current developments concerning the Apple Car are now unclear. Kuo asserts that without a strategic acquisition in the automobile sector, it’s improbable that the Apple Car would enter mass production “within the next years”. Notably, 2023 has seen a dearth of rumors or insights regarding the car, further obfuscating the company’s intentions. Persistent rumors hint at internal disagreements within Apple regarding the car’s direction and ultimate objectives.

Earlier speculations hinted at Apple commencing tests on the Apple Car by 2025, aiming for a 2026 consumer release. However, with 2024 approaching and minimal chatter on the subject this year, this timeline appears increasingly optimistic. Apple’s recent spotlight seems to be on the Vision Pro headset, with the last substantive update about the Apple Car emerging in March 2023. This update, courtesy of Economic Daily News, indicated enhancements in the car’s autonomous features and an expansion in its testing phases.

However, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg pointed out towards the end of the previous year that Apple had substantially downsized its car initiative. The initial ambitious vision of a vehicle devoid of a steering wheel or pedals was deemed unfeasible. Now, the revised idea supposedly revolves around a car that is equipped with assisted driving functions tailored for highways, but that won’t be perpetually autonomous.

Furthermore, Apple hasn’t finalized a manufacturing collaborator for the Apple Car.

Apple Car Concept | Image: Supercar Blondie

Kuo’s observations suggest a prolonged wait for any tangible Apple Car developments, especially if there aren’t any significant strategic changes.

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