Trailer Shows Small Glimpse at Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay

We helped break the news earlier this month that Angry Birds would be making a triumphant return to the App Store this November with the release of Angry Birds Star Wars. You can see the original article here, which outlines what birds will be cast into which iconic roles. We had a small teaser trailer showing a bird cloaked in a “Jedi Robe,” but we haven’t really seen any actual gameplay. That is, until now.

A new trailer has popped up on the web that gives us a tiny little glimpse into what we can expect from this iconic crossover. Unfortunately though, we only get a peek at two birds: the red bird, who plays Luke Skywalker, and the pink bird, who is cast as Princess Leia. The video opens up with a little animated short between the two colored fowl, complete with their heroic costumes, and then cuts away to two very small clips.

The first section shows the small but mighty “Luke Bird” flying across the battlefield and slamming into a wooden beam which he promptly slices up with a quick Lightsaber slash. The second shows us the Princess Leia bird who uses a psuedo “force tractor beam” to tug out the legs of a giant AT AT, complete with a pig pilot. It all looks amazing, is true to the Star Wars lore, and should be a ton of fun. The title is still slotted to drop on November 8th for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


Photo Source: Rovio

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