How to transfer data from your Android to your new iPhone 8 or X

The recent release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X alongside iOS 11 means that a lot of users need to know how to transfer their data from their Android or old iPhone directly to their new device. Thanks to AnyTrans for Mac you can do this quickly and easily.

While other tools such as iOS Mover are free to use, AnyTrans offers a few advanced features that allow you to select exactly which data you wish to transfer. A full transfer of all data can be achieved with a 1-click function that brings over custom settings such as ringtones but the program also lets you browse through your files to select only the data you wish to transfer.

The app has a built-in media downloader that lets you take selected content and data from services such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and more. Additionally, if you have the iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad you can select the PDFs and EPUBs that you want to transfer too. This means that you can prevent your new device being overloaded with music you don’t listen to and books you don’t read and to make even more use of your storage you can merge the content from several of your iOS devices to your new iPhone without any duplicates.

You can also merge content from multiple iCloud accounts and the iCloud Drive and also preview, download and share data such as messages, contacts, call history, voicemails and Safari bookmarks. You can’t yet to this with Apple’s own tools and is something that many will definitely find handy once they’ve updated to iOS 11.

AnyTrans is available to download for Mac and Windows now.

About the Author

Helen is a Digital Copywriter at Precise English, a copywriting and marketing agency based in the UK.