tvOS 17.1 Expands ‘Enhance Dialogue’ to Older HomePod Models Apple's tvOS 17.1 brings the 'Enhance Dialogue' feature to the original HomePod and HomePod mini, broadening its accessibility from its initial introduction in tvOS 17.

When tvOS 17 was unveiled, it introduced an array of innovations including FaceTime support, a revamped Control Center, and VPN functionalities.

The ‘Enhance Dialogue’ feature, designed to accentuate spoken content in shows and films, stood out. Apple clarifies that this functionality amplifies dialogue by segregating it from the background ambience and centering it, ensuring viewers distinctly discern speech amidst concurrent effects, activities, or musical scores.

Originally, ‘Enhance Dialogue’ was exclusively available on the second-generation HomePod paired with an Apple TV 4K. With the advent of tvOS 17.1 and HomePod Software 17.1, this accessibility has been extended to HomePod mini and the first-gen HomePod.

Consequently, those with a 2018 HomePod or a HomePod mini can now leverage the ‘Enhance Dialogue’ feature when using the Apple TV 4K.

Enhance Dialogue Feature | Apple TV & HomePod | Image:

For users, this enhancement can be found within the native tvOS 17 video player, specifically under the “Audio Enhancements” section.

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