Tweetary app updated for iOS 7

Social networking has become not only a pastime but a tool with which to document one’s life. It is possible today to relive memories just by scrolling down a webpage. There is, for Facebook, the timeline feature. For Tumblr, an archive for the user’s blog. What is there for Twitter? That’s where Tweetary comes in.

The app combines the features of Twitter with a diary-like interface. Users can archive their own tweets as well as others’ tweets. They can create smart collections that automatically archive tweets as well. Text and images can be added onto archived tweets for future reference, and the annotations are totally private and offline unless the user chooses to share their content. Personal tweets, whether they are private or not, are kept separate from the user’s timeline.

The timeline features customizable filters to keep everything organized. Users can group timeline tweets by screen names and filter out tweets that contain images and links. The timeline can even be reversed so that conversations have a more natural flow and don’t require the user to scroll all the way down. Under “Metrics”, users can see data on their Twitter activity in a sleek set of infographics. This comes in handy for those who wish to streamline their usage and their collections strategy.

Tweetary is offered in the iTunes online store with different versions offered to suit the individual needs. Three versions of the app are available now for iOS 7 devices:
1) A universal version for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (USD $4.99)
2) An iPad-only version (USD $2.99)
3) An iPhone-/iPod Touch-only version (USD $1.99)

This app is easy to set up and to use, and its features are very flexible. It really helps its user to stay organized, connected, and efficient. For hardcore Twitter users, Tweetary is a must-have app.

Want to know more? Check out Tweetary’s promo video for its iOS 7 version update below!

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