Twitter Abandoning Dedicated Mac App

Is Twitter seeing the forest for the trees? The company has announced that they will stop making new developments to their dedicated Twitter for Mac App. It can’t be that they’re deciding to ditch their alliance with Apple, so are they realizing that creating apps for desktops just isn’t a worthwhile investment of time and effort?

TechCrunch is reporting an unconfirmed report that Twitter will no longer be lending support or development to Twitter for Mac. It’s not like the app still won’t be around; it’s just not going to be being kept up-to-date, and doesn’t even support the MacBook Pro with Retina Display or Mountain Lion.

Perhaps people should have seen this coming, though, as they haven’t made any updates to the app in over a year. The burning question, though, is if people are really checking their Twitter via their Macs or if they’re checking it on their iPhone or iPad which has Twitter integrated now into the iOS, just as Facebook will be starting with iOS 6.

Maybe it’s simply becoming more important to develop apps for mobile devices since that seems to be the wave of the future. Quite frankly, when I’m on my Mac, if I’m checking Twitter, I’m using my browser anyway. Because of the integration of Twitter in iOS, it just doesn’t seem like Twitter has decided Apple isn’t worthwhile. It seems they’re deciding desktops aren’t worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Twitter


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