Twitter Adds Various Streamlined Functions to Tweets on iOS

Twitter Adds Various Streamlined Functions to Tweets on iOS

Sharing or reporting a tweet, unfollowing, muting or muting another user, and making use of a wealth of other functions is now even speedier on Twitter’s iOS app, as you can act on a tweet from your timeline.

Previously, if you saw a particular tweet that made you want to, say, share the tweet or unfollow the person who made it, getting to whatever function you needed could be cumbersome. However, now, you can just tap a small arrow in any tweet’s top-right corner to bring up a useful menu…

As Twitter has revealed in the above video on its support account, this menu allows you to quickly opt to share the tweet in question, indicate your disapproval of the tweet, report the tweet, or unfollow, mute or block the tweeter. However, while this small UI tweak could seemingly help many Twitter users to combat abuse on the platform slightly more easily, it hasn’t been universally welcomed…

Engadget has insisted that “it would be a better use of Twitter’s time to build serious internal anti-troll tools instead of giving users a slightly quicker way to report abuse”, adding that the microblogging site is “just rearranging the deck chairs while we continue cleaning up the trash.”

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