Twitter begins rolling out premium ticketed Spaces

Twitter has announced it’s rolling out new ticketed Spaces, offering creators a new revenue stream.

Earlier in the year, the company confirmed it was working on new features to help users monetize their content, and now, it’s launched Ticketed Spaces, which lets followers pay for access to a live audio stream – ideal for exclusive question and answer sessions, debates, music performances, and podcasts.

The social network launched Spaces as a direct competitor to CLubhouse, and though most Spaces are free to use and join, the new ticketed feature could encourage more creators to the platform.

Twitter says that the host can choose a price for the ticket, anywhere from $1 to $999.

Unlike some platforms, Twitter will allow creators to keep 97% of the revenue from the Space, with Twitter taking just a 3% cut. however, the fee charged by Apple and Google – usually 30% – will not be given to the creator, so a $1 ticket sale effectively means they’ll gain $0.67 after fees and Twitter’s cut.

However, for users who make $50,000 or more, Twitter will up its commission to 20%.

Earlier in the year, during trials of a ticketed Spaces system, Twitter took a 20% commission, and so there’s no guarantee that it’s current 3% fee will stay. Perhaps the company is testing the boundaries to find out what percentage creators feel comfortable with; a low entry fee makes it more attractive.

The company also announced plans to offer a Super Follow feature later in the year, allowing users to subscribe to a creator and access exclusive content and supporter-only badges. We don’t yet have a date for the Super Follow feature, but as platforms like OnlyFans make significant changes, Super Follow could become a more attractive and valuable offering to a whole host of content creators.

Are you excited about Spaces? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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